Sony PSE at IBC 2016 RAI Amsterdam

Sony Reception at IBC 2016
Press Event Sony at IBC 2016
Sony's slogan on a concrete column
Sony Imagebar with products at IBC 2016
Spot the FlaminGo contest at Sony IBC 2016
Datacentre of Sony's Cloud Solutions
Cameraset with old bike and interior at Sony IBC 2016
Sony's new CLEDIS screen at IBC 2016
People in front of Sony solution demo
Imagebar at Sony IBC 2016
Datacentre and hospitality at IBC 2016
View of Solution demo's Sony IBC 2016
Presentation stage at Sony IBC 2016
View of solutions demo
Inside stand view of Solution demo's
Audience seatings for the Press event
Desk and demonstration at Sony IBC 2016
Concrete joint section detail